Paris 1989

Berlin - Paris: 3 Months
Artist-in-Residence Programme 2019

- German film professionals travel to France -

Application open since 11th December 2018.

The Programme

The “Berlin/Paris - 3 months” artist-in-residence programme enables a German film professional to live in Paris for 3 months so they can develop their project and skills and learn about the film industry in France.

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to gain insight into the French production landscape and meet producers and professionals, in accordance with their profile. (April, May and June 2018)

The programme covers:

  • a grant of approximately 1.296 EUR/ month
  • accommodation in the Cité des arts 451 EUR/month (paid by the participant)




  • German film professionals (primarily directors and scriptwriters) with a proven professional background in film and television
  • Permanent residents of Germany

  • Applicants must have completed or worked on at least one film of a minimum of 30 min. in any genre or format
  • The completed film must have been supported by a film fund, a professionally recognized body or organisation, or have been commissioned by a broadcaster

  • - OR -

  • The film must have won local and international recognition, acclaim and prizes

Application procedure

Please note: all applications must be submitted in English. Please submit:

  • our application form;
  • a statement explaining why you want to be an artist-in-residence in Paris;
  • a CV;
  • a written description and concept of the project (treatment/synopsis or written presentation) maximum 5 pages;
  • an example of previous work (Vimeo Link or similar)

Deadline & Announcement

The deadline for applications is 21st January 2019. The candidate will be selected by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the Institut Français Germany and the Ville de Paris. The announcement will be made in February 2019.

Application Form

Please download our application form:

click to download file paris_application.docx (Microsoft Word strongly recommended)

No application will be accepted without a completed form. All information and material must be provided in English.

Applications should be addressed to:

“Berlin/Paris - 3 Months” is an initiative of: the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the Institut Français Germany and the Ville de Paris.